'Progression through collaboration'

On the 1st of February 2014 Coralreefaquarist.com opened its doors for the first time, not only to the reef keeping community, but to anybody and everybody with a passion for Coral reefs anywhere in the world, be they new hobbyist, Diver, professional aquarist, manufacturer, Retail worker, scientist, researcher, underwater photographer, public aquaria staff, Reef conservationist or any number of additional related fields. Coralreefaquarist.com  welcomes all.

True 'Progression' requires many things, including knowledge, experience, an open mind, a willingness to adapt and change our thoughts, ideals, practices and beliefs to name but a few, but most of all it requires one essential component ....and that is 'collaboration'

Coralreefaquarist.com has one simple goal. And that is to open the doors that commonly separate and segregate many of the different but equally valuable branches of the coral reef community, by throwing out the rulebook and starting again.  By accepting that time is no longer on our side as far as the worlds coral reefs are concerned, and by recognising that the only real way to drive our knowledge and understanding forward to the point where we can make a true difference to the long-term welfare of this environment we all have so much passion for, is by accepting that all branches of our community have equal responsibility and can equally contribute to solving the issues by pooling our global resources of knowledge and cumulative experience. Heaven forbid, even if we cannot save the reefs long term for various reasons, it becomes even more important that we master the art of maintaining and preserving as much of that incredible diversity as we can, and the 'ONLY' we can do this, is by sharing our knowledge and experiences. Be they successful or not, both can have equal value.

The Open Door Sharing Policy

Coralreefaquarist.com is both a resource hub and a meeting place to share experiences, gain knowledge, correct long standing mistakes that cost animals lives, and to get answers. 'The HUB' is exactly as its name suggests and the core of the site. A free-to-all resource that connects via categorised links virtually every branch of the global coral reef community. From forums, to blogs, online magazines, clubs, events and shows, to coral reef research organisations, conservation and restoration programs to public aquaria, facebook groups and scientific sites with reef related content. You name it, If it has anything to do with coral reefs and can provide information that can be of value, it will be added. equally if it isn't there and you know of something that should be added, we encourage you to contact us with a link etc and we will be more than happy to include it.

The 'Meeting place' is the main Coralreefaquarist.com forum that sits behind the hub. A site dedicated to progressive thinking, discussion, and sharing of information and advice. A place where every member of the community from novice to expert is treated 'and expected to be treated' with equal respect at all times, and under all circumstances. Unlike many communities however, we don't try to pen our patrons in, we actively encourage the joining of hands and sharing of resources, posting of links to literature and topics for discussion, even links to other forums and cross discussion or quotation between other sites. We both welcome our members to drop in and have a chat when they need help or can offer opinion and advice, whilst equally encouraging them to collaborate and share those experiences on other resources or sites so that knowledge is passed both ways. Our doors have 'welcome' written clearly on both sides.

The Resource Partner Initiative

The 'Resource Partner Initiative' is a very simple idea. It is a section within the very heart of the forum and hub that pays tribute to and honours those  organisations which include other forums and resources such as online magazines etc, that have openly extended the hand of friendship and support to Coralreefaquarist.com, to its goals and aims, and have agreed to pool resources for the greater good via the open door sharing policy.

Becoming a resource partner is easy. there are no catches, no fees.

If your organisation would like to join with Coralreefaquarist.com, and has access to or provides resources that can be of benefit to others, or you feel that Coralreefaquarist.com can provide you with resources, simply contact us directly on the main email address and we will be happy to discuss your addition.


So there we have it. Coralreefaquarist.com.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues, and we look forward to receiving you on the 1st of February 2014.


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We are currently seeking enthusiastic volunteer moderators and support members to help maintain and run the site.
If you would like to participate on a regular or even limited basis we welcome your email.